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About Alexander

Alexander “Prettyboyswag” Söderman was born in Gothenburg Sweden. In his younger days he went to USA to become one of the best swimmer in high school  and win the championship ring. After his successful swimming career Alex decided to head  the European Alps to master the art of snowboarding. Here he started and managed his own schirm bar  beginning the start of his career. This is where he met the amazing twins Ryan and Simon from Australia and they shredded every last pow the Alps had to offer. Ryan and Simon introduced Alex to a friend called Oskar who just happened  to be heading to Ibiza for a summer of excitement and Alex with his yes attitude joined in. In Ibiza Alex became “THE” Bartender selling the most drinks & champagne on the island with his hat a amazing smile. 

After a lot more travel around the world Alexander came to London where he started his career in Finance. He quickly became the favorite in the office and has worked his way up the food chain with some very exciting companies. Today he is a finance manager for Story Terrace and is managing his own investment fund Zebulon Capital ltd. His moto is “If I’m going to get rich and build my future why not help the people closest to me have that as well”.

Alex loves travelling and having been visited 100+ countries he is a book of knowledge from backpacking south america, Brazil, Snowboarding in Japan & Iran, USA, travelling around Europe.


Awards and Recognition

Alexander has been given a  Lord title for his achievements and therefor his full name is Lord Alexander “Prettyboyswag” Söderman. He has travelled more than +100 countries. His investment fund had reached $100 000.

If you ever get the chance to go on an adventure with the one and only Alexander “Prettyboyswag” Söderman then grab it with both hands as you will not be disappointed. This man has world experience and that is no joke. From carving up the faces in Europe & Austria, to sailing through Croatia, Stealing away on a fisherman’s boat across the Persian Gulf to swim between super tankers, Snowboarding the Iranian Alps, Dancing with the samurai in Japan and drowning in the deep pow pow, pub crawls (Literally) in the UK, Litre upon litre of beer at Oktoberfest Germany, Horse back riding and and old Chevs in Cuba, Road-tripping around Bosnia, Serbia. Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro, Full scale BBQs in Sweden, chasing kangaroos in Australia, Mindless parties in Ibiza, Weddings and Beaches in the South of France, Motor-homing across Europe through a blizzard.

And this is just a small snip-it. I can honestly say life will be very different if you ever get the chance to have a conversation and become friends with this specimen.


"Viverra nibh cras pulvinar mattis nunc sed blandit libero volutpat. Rhoncus est pellentesque elit ullamcorper dignissim."

The philosopher - Chapter 6

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